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Cooking Workshops

Learn how easy and delicious real food is to cook. Learn all the short cuts from a Professional Chef and Italian Grandmother.

"While I make meatballs using fresh herbs my three year old assistant, and granddaughter makes hers using Hertaliana Herblends. Of course you can always add fresh herbs with any Herblends to make it your own."

About Us

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Certified Personal Nutrition Coach, Chef and actual Italian Grandmother, Elaine B Good offers support in your learning the perfect healthy diet for your body and the demands that are required for your good health to best accomplish your success. Sprinkled with fun and food facts, good2eat4U supports your understanding and the organization of your food intake to accomplish your well-being  in ways that are easy, quick and delicious.

  •  The good2eat4U Personal Nutritional Program puts you in touch with exactly what foods your body needs to achieve and maintain strength, stamina and mental focus. Through face-time, text and email messages, you will learn exactly when and what you need to eat to satisfy the circadian rhythm of your intestines and strengthen your immune system.
  • Elaine has authored recipes for her cookbooks that are free-from gluten, dairy, sugar and salt, and no one notices anything but that they are delicious. These are for beginners, ('Let's Play With Food' is for 3-6 yr olds), and every cooking skill level (including professional chefs) that are sick of feeling sick.
  • Herblends are salt free and sugar free powdered spices and herbs that not only make you a great cook with the wave of your hand, but contain herbs known to be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These ethnic flavor profiles never expire or lose their flavor. Herblends are perfectly balanced herbs and spices  that take away cravings for sugar and salt and put your pallet in line with healthy.
  • Chef Good even offers Cooking Lessons live and on-line that will help you pull off meals, snacks and to-go meals out of an organized kitchen. www.ElaineGoodFood.

There are no gimmicks in the good2eat4U Program. This is quite simply using several methods to evaluate your physical condition and accommodate the macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for the best health your body can deliver. By focusing on your brains ability to  understanding the language of the bacteria that maintains your immune system in your intestines,you will be able to respond to your brain's primary goal: to not only survive, but to thrive.

Once you learn what nutrients you need, you will be guided to adjust your diet to your lifestyle, including your favorite foods, to maintain excellent health and well being. 

Your program will include the best things  for you to order at your favorite restaurants and what to have on-hand from farmer's markets and grocery stores. This is not about what you can't eat, good2eat4U is all about what you love to eat!

We also offer affordable and quick ways to make food that is healthy. Ethnic flours are an affordable way around over-processed foods and gluten, and if interested, you can learn which plant based milks are best used in place of dairy.

Natural sweeteners, like maple syrup, Splenda, honey, agave, and sweet flavor profile herbs and spices round out delicious and simple to make decadent and healthy desserts.

In spite of all the fad diets, all studies indicate that the Mediterranean Diet is the most healthy, you have just found the Italian Grandmother you've been looking for! A well balanced diet is easily maintained once you learn the basics of what is good2eat4U.


The good2eat4U Story

Let’s begin with Italian parents and grandparents that grew their own food and passed on a love of real, organic, foods that was part of the culture before industrialized food started to make us sick. Knowing how to choose your ingredients is the first step.

Being born allergic to dairy (we’re all lactose intolerant once we have teeth), and having to learn what foods best serve your body for it to serve you is second.

Being a single mom and career woman with limited time is third.

Getting hired as a Private Chef for focus group taste-tests and meals for major food company clients, came next. Cooking in a break room with only portable burners was part of the challenge.

Introducing gluten free dishes on the clients buffet table, and those being the most often requested for recipes resulted in my writing down the recipes. “What is gluten and why do we have to be free?” was followed by their own GF produce lines within months.

Developing over 600 recipes that were gluten, dairy, sugar and salt free for actor/producer/director Bradley Cooper came next.

Studying nutrition, with the latest scientific information regarding macro and micro nutrients and getting Certified with Distinction led me to being the Nutritional Advisor and Chef of a luxury rehab center.

Being Certified as a Trainer for ServSafe and a restaurant consultant evolved into Inspector Good working with Gordon Ramsey to safely donate food to charities and as a witness for Guinness World Records.

Working as a Lead with the staff and children and their families at The American Girl Café, conducting events and being the Allergy Expert on staff came next.

Being a healthy food advocate; nutritional advisor; recipe developer and cookbook author; cooking instructor ties right in to the passion my parents and grandparents instilled in me and that I, in turn, share as much as possible.


Our Mission

  • We support a special interest in health, sustainability, and local eating.
  • We share information about nutrition and products that is proven and tested.
  • We offer products and cookbooks that support good health through foods that are anti-inflammatory, plant based fats, healthy cooking methods to attain and maintain maximum enjoyment and nutritional benefits.


HERBLENDS make you a great and confident cook with the wave of your hand. 

  • Perfectly blended flavor profile spice powders, contain no salt or sugar, never expire or lose their flavor. 
  • Each contain spices known to be anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and to take away the craving for salt or sugar. 
  • Take the guesswork out of how much and which ones, a free E-cookbook is sent with each order.
  • Healthy and delicious has never been easier than with Herblends in your hand.
  • 4 Bottles replace over 50 spice jars, save time and money and kitchen shelf space!
  • Herblends can be added to store bought sauces and dressings to make it your own.

Hercajun: The heart of soul food

Hertaliana: Straight out of an Italian Grandmothers Kitchen.

Herspanic: Spain with the addition of 'New World' chilies.

Heroccan: For a night out of the Cassbar


Robin, Culver City, CA

Spinach salad with avocado, pink grapefruit, corn and shrimp. Surprise, no one believes-no dressing!


My first hands on wellness workshop with Elaine was awesome! I cannot believe how much ground we covered and I already feel more accomplished in the kitchen and moving into a healthy lifestyle. l am going to make a chicken today -- and visit the local Middle Eastern market to get inexpensive flours for my gluten free diet.

In just a few hours, I learned so much about 

 • making food more flavorful
• great shortcuts that I am already using
• measuring dry ingredients with my hand -- so that I can be one of those cooks who nonchalantly tosses ingredients into the pot
• flavor profiles
• best places to buy organic food at the lowest price
• nutritional needs
• strategies for weight loss

I cannot wait until our next lesson! 

Elaine is the best! Oh -- and she is loads of fun to boot!"
Robin " 

Chaya, NYC

Kufta Kabobs made with lamb, chickpea flour, onions and Heroccan Herblends.


Joining the good2eat4U program with Elaine has changed the way I think and feel about food and the effects it has on me. 

Since starting the program with Elaine 4 months ago, I have lost 25 lbs and gained so much understanding and knowledge about food and how my body reacts to it. Elaine educated me on foods that are good for my body and gives me the education along with it so whenever I want to eat something I am conscious of how my body will react to it and how good it is for me. 

I never feel deprived of any foods. I feel energized and more confident and walk more proudly because I feel so much better. 

Elaine is so encouraging and helpful and my lifestyle has improved tremendously since starting this diet and way of life with Elaine. I look forward to keep excelling with the help of Elaine and feeling better every single day. 

I have tried other diets but was never able to stick to it   In the past when I cheated it would take me months before I get back into diet mode but with Elaine it never feels like I’m doing something wrong by eating anything. Elaine also has amazing recipes which includes all the foods and drinks I love. I am so grateful I met her. 

Elaine has changed my life so far and it only keeps getting better. Every visit we go through my food intake, she adds things I may like and enjoy and is very encouraging. With Elaine it’s not really dieting it’s a way of life!!!! Looking forward to posting my new update in a few months from now. 

Chaya, NYC

Update: I have lost 45 lbs and I continue to feel better and better. Her text messages and our face to face time have kept me on track, although I'm 3,000 miles away.

Linda, LA, California

PHO, bone broth with rice noodles, fresh greens, bean sprouts, fresh peanut are dropped on top.



   You are the go-to person for everything involving gluten, sugar, and  dairy free eating.  You were a godsend when you cooked multiple meals for me for three months while I was recovering from surgery.  I found  your knowledge in the area of nutrition and gluten, sugar, and dairy free eating unparalleled and your food delectable. It was always a treat to discover  what enticing meal you made me. The variety was amazing, and I'm certain eating your meals helped me recover faster.  You have positively  affected my eating habits. I look forward to trying more of your recipes which are so well thought out and easy to follow.  I can't tell  you how grateful I am to you.  






10:00 AM - 11:30


Event Details



Learn how to shop for seasonal organic produce at the Mar Vista Farmer's Market on Venice Blvd and Grand View Blvd..

Option to go back to the good2eat4U Kitchen and learn how to cook it all and have a feast of a brunch.

10:00 AM - 11:30




10:00 AM - 11:30


Event Details



Learn how to shop for seasonal organic produce at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

Option to go back to the good2eat4U Kitchen and learn how to cook the bounty into a feast.

10:00 AM - 11:30


Sundays and Wednesdays



The good2eat4U Kitchen

Event Details

Sundays and Wednesdays


After going to the farmer's market and choosing produce in their prime, we take it back to the good2eat4U kitchen and you learn the best ways to clean, store and cook seasonal organic fruits and vegetables.


The good2eat4U Kitchen

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