PHO is the rage, bone marrow stock filled with
rice noodles fresh vegetables and topped with 
fresh herbs and bean sprouts.

Bone Broth - Beef Stock

It's Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn
South of the equator.
Pituitary Gland is opening in the North and shutting down
below the Tropic of Cancer.
'Spring Fever' and 'Post Nasal Drip'      

Feeling Tired? Insomnia and lack of appetite
are typical symptoms of this hormone regulator.
The good news is that the pituitary gland 
is highly sensitive to diet.

    Protein rich diet is the way to go, 
avocado and vitamin A.
The pituitary gland controls the thyroid, 
adrenal glands, ovaries, and testes.

2-3 Servings of fruits
5-7 Servings of vegetables every day
3-4 Servings of protein.
Grain can cause the pituitary to malfunction.  

Attractive presentation makes food more appealing.
Grilled Chicken placed on a bed of lettuce
can easily become a wrap: add avocado or left 
over vegetables for added flavor and nutrition.

Start children eating healthy when they are young,
put foods they haven't tried on their plate to get 
them used to the smell and sight of it.
Vary textures and colors for a well balanced plate.

     A colorful plate is a well-balanced plate.
Seasonal change of produce accommodates your
body's needs for the season~!                 

Add cauliflower rice and fresh corn to
corn muffins for added moisture and nutrition.

         Good 2 have on hand as a snack or meal: 
Quinoa Salad
Also great warm as a grain bowl, 
then dress it with some lemon juice
and lemon infused olive oil.

Table of Contents: Light Dinners (for Hot Nights)

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