About Your Personalized Nutrition Program

Elaine B Good

  • Italian Grandmother
  • Certified Nutritional Advisor - 4 years
  • Certified Personal Chef - 15 years
  • Cooking Instructor - Lifetime
  • Certified ServSafe Instructor
  • Certified Allergy Instructor

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Personalized Nutrition Program

In developing your personalized nutrition program your nutritional advisor, Elaine b Good, will give you the tools to get the strength, stamina and mental focus from the food you eat for your lifestyle and wellness. 

  • The initial interview will give us a complete understanding of your general health.
  • Your eating habits will be evaluated and tweaked to adjust for your needs.
  • Through text messages and emails you will be kept on track to understand the message your guts are sending to your brain for what it needs.
  • In three months you will have established your body's needs. Follow-ups at your request.

No gimmicks

We were made to eat food, understanding what food you need to eat for your health is a basic life management skill, that is what we teach you.

We do not sell vitamins, drinks, food delivery programs. 

We do show you how to manage your food intake to satisfy your body's need for maximum health. We show you how to choose food in ways that work for your lifestyle.

Personal Nutritional Program

Sign up now and address unhealthy body fat, high blood pressure, anemia, inflammation, sleepless nights, eating disorders, IBS, sugar addiction, food allergies, and the battle you keep fighting with your body. Learn the language that your intestines are speaking to your brain. get in touch with your self and live in harmony and good health.

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