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Choose your must-have on hand for your cooking style. Look for gluten free and dairy free as noted in foods that normally contain one or both.•Keep dry goods fresh by rotating them, put new items behind the older ones. •Mark the top of cans with the date purchased and contents so they're easy to grab. •Keep flours and nuts in the freezer.

Here is a website for fresh milled flours, they are not exclusively gluten free, so they are not for people

with extreme sensitivity, but they're corn meal and polenta is heavenly!!!: Grist & Toll Mill



 Amaranth Flour

• Arrowroot

•Black Bean Flour

• Buckwheat

•Cassava Flour

•Chestnut Flour

•Chick Pea Flour-Garbanzo Flour

•	Amaranth
•	Arrowroot
•Black Bean Flour
•	Buckwheat
•Cassava Flour
•Chestnut Flour
•Chick Pea Flour-Garbanzo Flour
Also known as:Nirav, Gram, Besan Chana dal • Corn and cornmeal •Fava Bean Flour • Flax • Gluten-free flours (rice, soy, corn, potato, bean) • Hominy • Millet-Bajri • Plantain Flour
• Potato Flour • Sweet Potato Flour-Harina de Camote • White Bean Flour •Corn Starch •Baking Soda •Gluten Free Baking Powder •Sugar Replacements Agave Date Syrup Honey-Local Maple Syrup Stevia

        Dried Fruit
•Apples •Apricots •Bananas •Cherries •Cranberries •Dates •Figs •Preserved Lemons •Mango •Papaya •Peaches •Pears •Pineapple •Strawberries •Raisins •Golden Raisins
Grains Breads Pasta Noodles
•Brown Rice •Corn Meal •Jasmine Rice •Sushi Rice •Millet •Risotto •White Rice •Quinoa GLUTEN FREE *^Bread *^Hot Cereal *^Cold Cereal *Bread Crumbs PASTA/NOODLES •Buckwheat •Corn •Rice •Quinoa

Nuts Nut Butters Jams
•Brazil Nut
•Hemp Nut
•Pine Nuts
•Pumpkin Seed
•Sesame Seeds
•Soy Nuts
•Sunflower Seed
•Walnuts            Apple Apricot Blueberry Cherry Raspberry Strawberry Chocolate Sauce Honey Maple Syrup •Almond •Apricot Kernel •Brazil Nut •Cashew •Hazelnut •Macadamia •^Peanut •Pecan •Pine Nut •Pistachio

Oils and Vinegars

•Canola •Coconut Oil •Corn Oil •Extra Virgin Olive •Grape Seed •Sesame •Toasted Sesame •Peanut Oil • Flavored-Garlic, Herbs, Citrus•Apple CiderVinegar •Balsamic Vinegar •Champagne Vinegar •Red Wine Vinegar •Rice Wine Vinegar •Seasoned Rice Vinegar* (sugar) •Herb Flavored Vinegar

Canned Goods On Hand Proteins Tomatoes

Dried or Canned
Azuki Beans
Black Beans
Cannelloni Beans
Great Northern
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Split Peas

Beef Broth
Chicken Broth
Vegetable BrothTomatoes: Diced Whole Paste Puree Sauce Spaghetti Sauce

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