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What is a Calorie?
A calorie is a unit of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food.
So, your body is a steam engine.
Everything we eat contains water, and we can go days even months without food, but we cannot survive three days without water. 

Your skin's function is to tell you what is going on inside, to regulate body heat (when you sweat, you burn calories at a rapid rate), and to combat bacteria. 

We have entirely new skin cells on the surface of our skin (the largest organ of our body) every 6 weeks.

Everything we do effects this constant rebirth. Everything we eat contains nutrients that we need in our constantly shedding body. Any health issues or bad habits you have will be reflected by the change in your skin in a month, good health habits will also be obvious with beautiful skin in 2 weeks to a month. 


               Carbohydrate = 4 calories per gram

               Protein = 4 calories per gram

               Fat = 9 calories per gram

CHILDREN: Growing and developing children's intake should consist of between 5-20% of calories from Protein, 45-65% should come from Carbohydrates and 30-40% should come from fats. 
How many calories do we need each day? 
Individual physical activity and growth patterns are variants to a firm answer, but general medical guidelines suggest that recommended daily calorie intake is as follows: 
Divide your weight by 12, this is the calories you are consuming daily to maintain your weight: eat less calories daily and you will lose weight, increase the calories and you will gain weight. All of the good2eat4U recipes contain the calories per serving.
Average Chart:
1-3 years old: 1300
4-6 years old:1800
7-9 years old: 2000
9-13 years old: 1600-2200
14-18 years old: 1800-2400
1850 maintain
1400 for weight loss
 2200 for body building
Recommended calories for males and femails
1-3 years old: 1300
4-6 years old: 1800
7-9 years old: 2000
9-13 years old: 1600-2200
14-18 years old: 2200-3200
2000 maintain
1500 for weight loss
2500 for body building

What types of food does our body need everyday?

One means of maximizing calorie efficiency: eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and include the following:

2 servings of Protein (P)
2 servings of Green vegetables (G)
2 servings of Grain (Gr)
Recommended food types per day 1 serving of Yellow vegetables (Y)
1 servings of Fruit (F)
1 serving of Citrus Fruit (FC)

How do we know how many calories there are in the food we eat?
Below are printable Nutritional Facts put together by the Food and Drug Administration. They include the amount of calories each food has along with the total amount of vitamins and minerals.
Just click on any version you want to download to your computer.
Small 8 1/2 x 11 inches - Medium 11 x 14 inches - Large (poster size) 30 x 39 inches

Fish Calories in food Fruit Meat nutritional values
Meat Nutrition Facts Veggies
  Facts about foods we eat          

  Beef - Small
Chicken, Lamb,
Turkey - Small

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