Infused Water                     

Watermelon and Mint - good after a flight or workout
Cherry and Lemon Verbena - get your calming yen on
Honey Dew and Oregano - fighting a virus or infectionHydration is essential to good health.
You can live weeks without food but you
cannot survive 4 days without water.

Your cells are 70% water, your brain 
functions best on 90% water.

Think you hate water? Here's how to stop 
the sugar drink addiction, begin with fruit
infused water.

It's very simple:
1. Wash and cut fruit and put it in a pitcher.

2. Add water to cover, add complimenting fresh herb.
Place in the refrigerator over night of 24 hours.

3. Pour water in a glass, add some of the fresh herbs.

4. Add more water for 2 days continue to drink 8 
8 oz glasses of water a day.

to drink 8oz glasses 8 times a day.

5. Day three take the fruit and some 
of the water and make Aqua Fresca or 
add your favorite milk and blend into
a Smoothie.

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