Chef Tips from Chef Elaine Good

I'd like to add a few of my own Chef Tips for gluten, diary, sugar, sodium substitutes to the list below:

Any non dairy milk can be used as a milk substitute and adding 1 TBS of white vinegar or lemon juice will turn Soy or Almond Milk into buttermilk for cooking.

Gluten Free Bread Crumbs, including Panko are great, but if you don't have them gluten free corn meal is a great substitute.

Dairy Free Sour Cream, is available in most supermarkets, but soy cream cheese with 2 TBS of soy milk stirred in per container bakes well.

Of course Herblends offer dried seasoning without salt, sugar or additives: Heroccan is Moroccan; Hercajun is Cajun; Herspanic-Herspanic Smokey-Herspanic Spicy are Latin American and Caribbean; Hertaliana is Italian.

To buy Herblends the link is here: HERBLENDS - Fusions of Ethnic Flavors

For unsolicited and sponsor free honest opinions on gluten free and dairy free products check out this link: good2BUY4U Shopping Guide

Missing an Ingredient Substitutes

2. For making substitutions when you’re missing an ingredient.

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