Potato Latkes - 190 Calories - Yellow Vegetable, Vegan

Cook-E      These are the absolutely best potato latkes, and they're gluten and dairy free.
Serve them with apple sauce or sour cream on the side.
This is a traditional Hanakah side dish and these will steal the show~

10 servings; for parties of 50 multiply by 6 and give yourself 4 hours


4 pounds Russet Potatoes
2 medium Onions
1 TBS Lemon Juice
1 Cup Chopped Scallions
4 Large Eggs, beaten
to taste Salt and Pepper
Grape Seed - Olive Oil Blend  


Prep: 1:30 

- Vegetable Peeler

- 2 Large Bowls

- Cutting Board

- Chef's Knife

- Brown Paper Bag

- Parchment Paper

- Food Processor or Box Grater

- Baking Sheet Pan

- Fry Pan

- Thermometer


1. Put the onion in the freezer. Peel the potatoes and keep them submerged in cold water.

2. Grate ⅔ or the potatoes on a box grater or with the grater attachment of your food processor.
Set aside in a very large bowl.

3. Chop up the remaining ½ of the potatoes and the onions with the bottom blade of your food processor, 20 pulses.

4. Place a handful of the potatoes and onions in the center of a thin cotton tea towel or 5 layers of cheese cloth and squeeze the liquid out over a bowl, I have found putting the bowl in t sink is the easiest position to give my bicepts a workout.

Repeat until all the potatoes have been squeezed. RESERVE THE LIQUID.

5. Toss the juice of one large lemon into the potatoes and onions.
Place the squeezed potato in a large bowl and cover with the wet towel you used to squeeze them.
They can be put into the refrigerator until ready to fry at this stage, leave the water bowl out.

6.Ready to fry: Pour enough oil in the pan to be 2 inches deep, a high burning point oil is best: olive oil (not extra virgin) can be combined with grape seed oil or vegetable oil in a 2-1 ratio (twice as much high burning point oil to half olive oil) to boost the temperature and maintain the olive oil flavor.

7. Add the diced scallions, the eggs, salt and pepper to the potatoes.

8.Here's the secret trick: Drain the water out of the squeezed potato liquid but scrape the potato starch that has settled on the bottom of the bowl and add that to the potatoes.

9. The can be spread out on parchment paper, placed in an airtight container and frozen to be fried later at this point.

10. When the oil has reached 325ºF you can make a huge pancake the size of the pan or put small handfuls of the potatoes into the oil. It is imperative to keep the oil hot, so the second pile of potatoes on the opposite side of the pan in a minute, then add the third 2 minutes later, flip them over when golden, then add a fourth and fifth little pile.

11. I look for the outside edges to get golden and the potatoes to turn grey before I flip them and I use a slotted flat round spatula to flip them.

12. Place them on brown paper bags or parchment paper laid out over sheet pans - do not over lap them.

Serve immediately or if making them hours before serving them: place them on parchment paper in a 350ºF oven to reheat them.

For parties of 50 multiply the ingredients by 6 and use 3 fry pans (electric work best) for 2 hours prep and 4 hours (doing nothing else) fry time.

• Mold: 45 Minutes
• Fry: 45 Minutes

(10 servings)

Cold Sesame Noodles
Chinese Classic made quick and easy
Calories: 455 w/Peanut Butter 
470 w/Almond Butter

Total Fat 28.43g
Cholesterol --
Sodium 2139mg (Soy Sauce and Fish Sauce make this dish very high in sodium)
Total Carbohydrate 34.87g
    Dietary Fiber 5.28g
    Sugars 13.25g
Protein 18.70g

Creamy and nutty, crisp and crunchy, light and satisfying, familiar and exotic. These are a classic Chinese dish that I am totally in love with. I was so addicted to them at Sammy's Noodle Shop on 6th Ave and 11th Street that I spent three years figuring it out when I moved to LA. This is the results after getting so close for so long and now it is perfect.

Sesame or Peanut Sauce
2 oz. Peanut or Almond Butter, 1/4 cup
1 TBS each Fish Sauce and GF Soy Sauce-look for low sodium

1 teaspoon Ginger, grated/frozen
½ clove Garlic, pressed, grated or finely chopped
¼ teaspoon Toasted Sesame Oil, optional
1 teaspoons Honey or date sugar
2 TBS Rice Wine Vinegar, or Ponzu Sauce, or Lime Juice


1 Cup Mai Fun or Rice Noodles, cooked

¼ cup Bean Sprouts

1 small Japanese Cucumber cut into match-stick sized thin slices

½ teaspoon Sriracha or chili oil, optional can be served on the side

2 whole green onions, chopped at an angle or into coins

small handful fresh Cilantro without stems


1. Cook the noodles: cover mai-fun noodles with tea-kettle-hot-water until tender (about 1-3 minutes): Put in a pot of boiling water for about a minute or 2 minutes in bowl or glass pot with noodles covered in water in a microwave

2.Remove the noodles, using chop sticks or tongs: and place in a heap in the serving bowl.
Reserve the cooking liquid to add to the peanut sauce.

3. Make the sauce in a large Pyrex measuring cup or a bowl: Place the honey, almond or peanut butter and tahini in the microwave for about 1 minute to bring it to room temperature and to make it easier to pour and measure.

4. Add the rice wine vinegar (can use sherry vinegar, ponzu sauce or lime juice), gluten free soy sauce, fish sauce and stir until creamy, Add ginger, garlic (best put through a press, grated or smashed into paste with side of knife).

5. Add a few TBS of the cooking liquid from the rice noodles : or add room temperature water to thin the sauce out to a pancake batter consistency.

6. Pour sauce over noodles, and toss. Add left-over cooked chicken, shrimp that has been cooked in the noodle cooking liquid back in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and/or firm tofu that has been cubed and tossed in rice flour (optional) and sauteed in hot peanut oil. Toss again.

7. Cut the cucumbers thin slices, cut the slices into 2 inch long pieces, place the stack of thin sliced flat on the cutting board and cut them into match-sticks. Cut the green onions into 1 inch pieces cut at an angle so that they're thin and easy to eat, or into rings.

8. Top with fresh bean sprouts, match-stick cut cucumbers and the green onions.

If you want the added dimension of spicy food: this dish is traditionally served with hot sauce or chili oil or Sriracha on the side. I mean literally on the side, the inside of the bowl.

Read Labels: Mai Fun and rice stick noodles are gluten free rice noodles, do not let the fact that Asian noodles are white fool you, most contain wheat flour.

Fresh creamy peanut butter is best. No salt please and check to be sure that it doesn't have milk powder in the formula, 'Skippy' brand does.


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