Table Of Content: Light Dinners (for Hot Nights)

LIGHT DINNERS (for Hot Nights)
Author: Elaine B Good

Feeling Guilty shouldn't start with dinner.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Hors d'oeuvres

Asparagus:  4 Calories, W/Ham-53 Calories  Green Veg. Protein   New-B Can-D Cook-E 

Baked Almonds: 210 Calories Protein  Can-D Cook-E  Vagan

Calamari Rings: 890 Calories  Protein  Can-D, Cook-E,

Caribbean Mango Shrimp Ka-Bob:  270 Calories  Protein-Fruit  Can-D Cook-E

Chicken Liver Pate: 180 Calories  Protein  Can-D Cook-E 

Classic Crab Cakes: 120 Calories  Protein   Can-D Cook-E

Eggmato: 60 Calories Protein, Citrus Fruit  Can-D Cook-E 

Eggs On Eggs:  31 Calories   Protein   New-B Can-D Cook-E

Figs Stuffed:  80 Calories Fruit Protein  New-B, Can-D  Vegan

Hummus: 180 Calories  Protein New-B Can-D Cook-E  Vegan

Orange Spiced Nuts: 165 Calories Protein Citrus  Can-D, Cook-E Vegan

Chapter 2 Quickie Dinner

Arugula and Orange Salad: 210 Calories, Green Veg, Citrus Fruit, Protein Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate: 77 Calories Green Vegetable  New-B Can-D Vegan

Citrus Fruit Gazpacho: 180 Calories Citrus Fruit, Green Veg. New-B, Can-D, Cook-E Vegan

Love Food:  300 Calories Yellow-Green Veg, Protein, Citrus Fruit   Can-D Cook-E

Miso Marinated Cod:  100 Calories  Protein   Can-D Cook-E

Persimmon Pork Chops:  240 Calories Protein, Fruit  Can-D Cook-E

Raw Pasta Puttanesca:  370 Calories  Grain Citrus Fruit Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Roasted Chicken: 700 Calories  Protein  Can-D, Cook-E

Roasted Acorn Squash:  80 Calories  Yellow Vegetable  Can-D, Cook-E

Chapter 3 Grill'n and Chill'n

Grilled Salad:  144 Calories  Green Yellow Vegetables  New-B, Can-D, Cook-E Vegan

Grilled Asparagus:  24 Calories  Green Vegetables  New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Grilled Pork Chop (or chicken) and Persimmon Salad:  Protein Fruit  Can-D Cook-E

Grilled Zucchini: 8 Calories  Yellow Vegetable, New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Chicken Shish-Kabob: 395 Calories Can-D, Cook-E Protein, Citrus Fruit

Chicken Pineapple Shish-Kabob: 340 Calories Protein, Fruit   Can-D, Cook-E

Lamb and Vegetable Kabobs: 295 Calories  Protein, Green Vegetable   Can-D Cook-E

Roasted Corn: 60 Calories Yellow Vegetable,  New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

White Soffrito: 80 Calories Citrus Fruit, Green Vegetable  Can-D Cook-E

Chapter 4 Ethnic - Tried + True

Asian Papaya Watercress Salad: 150 Calories  Fruit, Green Veg, Protein  Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Asian Pineapple Fried Rice: 230 Calories (370 with peanuts). Vegan Grain Fruit  Cook-E.  Vagan

Bok Choi:  180 Calories  Green Vegetables  Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Miso Soup: 165 Calories Protein  Can-D Cook-E  Vegan

Greek Salad: 180 Calories Green Veg New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Avocado Taco: 500 Calories Protein Yellow an Green Vegetables  Cook-E Can-D Vegan

Greek Olives: 91 Calories New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Greek Avgolemono Soup: 270 Calories Grain, Protein, Yellow Vegetable  Cook-E

Greek Kufta Kabobs: 140 Calories Protein  New-B Can-D Cook-E

Turkey Kabobs and Greek Salad: 325 Calories Protein Green  Can-D Cook-E

Skordalia-Garlic Potato Dip: 160 Calories Yellow Veg  New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

French Chops: 345 Calories-Lamb 288 Pork Can-D Cook-E Protein

Jambrotta:  225 Calories  Yellow Vegetables Citrus Fruit  Can-D, Cook-E Vegan

Fennel Orange Beet Salad: 115 Calories Green and Yellow Veg, Citrus  Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Classic Salad Nicoise French: 500 Calories  Green Veg, Protein  Can-D Cook-E

Roasted Moroccan Chicken:  465 Calories Protein Fruit  New-B Can-D Cook-E

Lasagna:  450 Calories Yellow Vegetables, Protein, Grain  Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Lentils Indian Style:  120 Calories  Protein  New-B, Can-D, Cook-E  Vegan

Persian Fesenjan Chicken: 415 Calories Protein Fruit  Can-D Cook-E

Lemon Chicken Tagine: 300 Calories  Protein Citrus Fruit Can-D, Cook-E

African Butternut Squash: 200veg /288chx stockCalories Yellow Protein Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Moroccan Carrot:  58 Calories Yellow Veg, Citrus  New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Moroccan Chicken Prunes/Almonds: 305 Calories Protein Fruit Can-D, Cook-E

Zucchini Parmesiano: 210 Calories Yellow Veg, Protein  New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Zucchini Spaghetti: 60 Calories Yellow Vegetables Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Chapter 5 Sea Food Touch Me

Coconut Shrimp with Mango:  254 Calories Protein Fruit   Cook-E, Can-D

Jambalaya: 428 Calories Protein Grain  Can-D Cook-E

Mexican Shrimp and Sweet Potato: 722 Calories Yellow Vegetables Protein  Can-D Cook-E

ScallopsThai Style:  260 Calories Protein Can-D Cook-E

Scallops w/Pineapple/Coconut Milk: grilled: 280 Calories (500 Baked) Fruit, Protein  Can-D Cook-E

Swordfish: 240 Calories Protein  Can-D Cook-E

Valencia Paella: 568 Calories Protein, Grain, Yellow Green Vegetable  Can-D Cook-E

Chapter 6 Romantic Beverages

French Press Coffee

Hot Chocolate (DESSERT): 134 Calories Can-D

Kosher Marshmallows (Dessert) 17 Calories  Protein  Cook-E

Major Martini

Peach Drink:  170 Calories Fruit Protein  New-B Can-D Cook-E 

Pomegranate (or Cranberry) Champagne

Chapter 7 Sweets 4 My Sweet

Almond Coconut Cake:  (118 Cal. Cupcake) 160 Calories  Protein  New-B Can-D Cook-E

Avocado Chocolate Pudding: 120 Calories Protein Fruit New-B Can-D Cook-D

Cheap Date Bars: 160 Calories Fruit Protein about .40 each Can-D Cook-E

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries: 60 Calories Citrus  New-B Can-D Cook-E Vegan

Ice Cream Honey Lavender Coconut:  190 Calories Protein Cook-E Vegan

Cloud in a Chocolate Coconut Soup: 100 Calories Protein Can-D Cook-E

Ganache, dairy/sugar free--23 Calories

Cranberry Surprise: 426 Calories Citrus Protein  New-B Can-D Cook-E

Coconut Macaroons: 105 Calories Protein Fruit  New-B  Can-D Cook-E

Cuttie Tuttie Fruttie: about 100 Calories  Fruit   New-B Can-D Cook-E

Honey Dew Me Jello: 179 Calories Fruit Protein  Can-D Cook-E

Ice Cream Coconut Milk Strawberry: 200 Calories Fruit Protein  Can-D Cook-E

Ice Cream Ginger Lime: 4 oz 230 Calories Fruit Protein Can-D Cook-E

Ice Cream Honey Lavender Coconut: 190 Calories Protein Can-D Cook-E

Persimmon Cake:  307 Calories Protein Fruit Can-D Cook-E

MORE S'mores Pie:  420 Calories  Protein Grain   Cook-E

Baked Bananas: 369 Calories  Fruit Grain New-B Can-D Cook-E  Vegan

Zabayone: 200 Calories Protein Cook-E

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