Herblends 4 pack


A Fusion of Signature Flavors

 Salt-Free and Sugar-Free 

No fillers, artificial flavors or colors.

Gluten free, Dairy free and contain no sweeteners

                               100% Pure and Natural Flavor Powder Seasonings





A bouquet of 5 bay leaf branches are milled and sifted down to 2 Tablespoons of powder. 
This refined powder maintains it's flavor while being part of the harmony unique to HERBLENDS.

HERBLENDS Pure and Natural Seasonings.


HERBLENDS take the mystery out of seasoning and advance you into becoming a great cook with the wave of your wrist. Unlock the great cook in your kitchen with a few jars of perfectly balanced seasonings. A free E-Book with over 100 recipes is free with every purchase.

  HERBLENDS make you a better cook: no more guesswork of how much to add without ruining the meal,   no more realizing your out of one spice or another to complete your recipe; no more does this vegetable go with this protein? No more drawers or shelves of spices that have expired and lost their flavor.

HERBLENDS make cooking so much easier by saving you time, money, space, hassle.

HERBLENDS contain herbs and spices known to take away the craving for salt and sugar
and each contain herbs that are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

This is how the fine homogany of flavor that is HERBLENDS is created:

A bouquet of fresh herbs become a cup of organic dried herbs, which are milled into ½ cup or less of powder, the powder is then sifted where it looses another few ounces (to husk etc.). Next comes the blending of the unique combination of balanced powders through tumbling and shaking, this fine mixture is now hand packing into jars, tapped down and refilled. These fine powders do not expire or lose their flavor and are easily incorporated into oil, vinegar, citrus, dry rubs, flour, raw vegetables or fruit, steamed food, fried food, marinades, baked and roasted vegetables and proteins and Hersweetie is even good in hot water as a tea!

What’s easier and cheaper? 50 jars and bags of spices or 4 bottles of HERBLENDS? The four pack of HERBLENDS: Hertaliana (9 spices), Herspanic (13 spices), Hercajun (10 spices) and Heroccan (18 spices) replace 50 jars of herbs and spices and some surprise flavor elements. You can add your own touch while cooking with additional spices to punch up let’s say the heat in Herspanic or the garlic in Hertaliana or you can finish your dish with a sprinkling of fresh herbs that will serve as a garnish and incorporate a full flavor and texture experience with your meal.

   HERBLENDS will enhance flavor without masking the main ingredient.

   HERBLENDS tie the flavors of a meal together while giving you the choice to accentuate flavors with add-on-spices (i.e. hot pepper or fresh herbs).

   HERBLENDS save you time, money and kitchen cabinet space and make you a great cook.

Which is easier, cheaper, faster: 50 different jars of spices or 7 perfectly blended jars of balanced flavors?

HERBLENDS have taken decades to finesse, FROM ELAINE GOOD a Professional Chef and a Home Cook: "One of my pet peeves is seasoning or sauces that smother the flavor of the main ingredient.  As I use organic ingredients at their freshest and most flavorful, I do not want to do anything that will mask instead of enhance their flavor. I developed HERBLENDS because I wanted refined powders that could be incorporated into any aspect of the meal prep process without having to instruct the basics to my assistants in my professional kitchen."

  •   SALT AND SUGAR FREE, HERBLENDS contains herbs known to eliminate the craving for salt and sugar and are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  •  HERBLENDS easily tie a meal together, as powders they are: a dry or wet rub, on chips and in dips, salads, grains, vegetables, fish, beef, chicken, pork, shell fish and even beans and tofu. They can be added before or during cooking or as a finishing touch.
  •  HERBLENDS distinctive flavor profiles work for picky eaters as well as sophisticated palates.
  • HERBLENDS take the mystery out of flavorings, while leaving you free to add fresh herbs, salt or sweetener to suit the cook or each diners taste.

 HEROCCAN Cooking Suggestions       

 HERTALIANA Cooking Suggestions 

 HERSPANIC Smoky, Spicy Cooking Suggestions

 HERCAJUN Cooking Suggestions 


Most commercial spice blends contain more salt than any other ingredient. Salt is heavy, cheap and addictive.  

Sodium is a key element in our body’s balance, when it’s out of balance it’s a health crisis. Salt is a killer; it's a major cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation and obesity. Salt has contributed heavily to our current health crisis including our children.

SUGAR: many commercial seasoning contain sugar, Refined sugar is also addictive and a cause of diabetes and obesity, again even in our children. HERBLENDS does not contain any sweeteners.  

Available wholesale in combination CASES OF 18 OR 24: Hertaliana, Heroccan, Hercajun, Herspanic



   Dried spices maintain flavor for about 6 months after they are opened and everyone has a jar of spices that might be older than their memory serves them. 

   Spice jars take up precious kitchen space to store and need to be maintained.

   Cooks tend to use the same spices and herbs, within their comfort zone, for everything they cook, this creates a rut and consequently a burnout of boring meals.

Dried spices have a gritty texture when used on raw foods, like salads  and HERBLENDS solves the problem of a piece of parsley being stuck between your teeth.


EXAMPLE: Another night, another chicken. Search the Internet for inspiration, go through the ingredients, "don't have this, don't have that'.


Switch the meal into restaurant-quality Moroccan, Italian, Cajun or Latin American with just the shake of your wrist. Tie the vegetables into the protein and grain with HERBLENDS and add fresh herbs as a garnish.

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