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  • Cooking demonstration videos.
  • Shopping lists to organize a kitchen for a healthy diet.
  • Daily Needs Chart that can be printed to keep track of your nutritional needs.
  • Recipe headings include calories, skill level and nutritional servings.
  • Recipes that can involve the whole crowd, no matter how (in)experienced they are.
  • Recipes include a list of tools needed to execute the recipe with alternatives to produce the results by hand.
  • Newsletters include the latest nutritional discoveries as well as notification of blog-posts that include recipes and links to recipes in line with the month's theme.
  • Chef Tips to improve your cooking skills on videos, in newsletters and separate pages in the site.

Membership Privilages

  • Members receive  Newsletters with the latest SCIENTIFIC AND RETAIL nutritional information and links to updates on the website.
  • The good2buy4U section contains unsolicited recommendations for members including tools and ingredients that are essential to organize a kitchen free from processed foods and to help organize easy and quick meals while minimizing food waste.
  • Unlike 'free' recipes that are available at other websites on-line good2eat4U never shares personal information: doesn't attach cookies while waiting for videos to download.
  • We offer many variations in most of our recipes, because not everyone eating together is on the same diet: Including Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pagan, SCD, etc.
  • The Basics Recipes are shortcuts 2 achieve classic Old World flavors - in a modern life-style time constrain.  These are adaptations and original recipes that contain all the flavor of the classics with new techniques and allergy-safe ingredients.

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