Miss Pasta?

  • April 29, 2015 6:02 PM
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    Do you miss pasta because you're living gluten free? 

    I know, I thought I'd never be able to experience a decent bowl of pasta again, as my first allergist told me when I asked how soon would I be able to eat pasta again: "not in this lifetime", and this was in 1984~and it felt like a lifetime before I discovered the rice noodle (spaghetti) section in China Town, and that was the beginning of my appreciation of ethnic markets.

    I've done a lot of exploring and reading ingredients, 'they' finally made them add stickers in English about 10 years ago! before then it was a total crap shoot for ingredients AND cooking instructions with little success and much failure. Well, I kept boiling the noodles-I never imagined that you just poured  water over the noodles and let them sit for a few minutes! Never imagined~

    In the new world of gluten-free-processed-foods, pasta came right after cereal which came right after cookies, (which were hockey pucks and the only flavor was sickening sweet). In my vast experience the pasta on the market, and there has been a flood in the past 3 years: are more expensive than prime rib and lobster and a lot like eating wet paper. BUT THERE IS HOPE and A FEW GOOD ONES!

    I'm happy to report on my favorite brands and sources and the ones I feel I must tell you to avoid.

    Miss Pasta Blog

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