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    in·flam·ma·tion (noun)
    in·flam·ma·tion [ ˌinflə'mei∫n ](in·flam·ma·tions)

    1. swollen reddened state
    swelling, redness, heat, and pain produced in an area of the body as a reaction to injury or infection

    2. heightening of emotion
    a heightening or stirring up of emotion
    which will also bring U back 2 definition number 1.

    INFLAMMATION is the topic of my latest word press blog:

    I wrote about it in general terms, as in "the body yelling at you to get your attention"

    and in regards to treatment and foods that one can eat to minimize inflammation.

    What I didn't talk about specifically is those occasions when U know U've invited INFLAMMATION into Ur body.
    Eating a food that U know is going to bring on INFLAMMATION is a prime example. Sometimes it is in spite of Urself and sometimes U don't know until it's already in the trap door, aka Ur mouth. There are suggestions on what U can focus on to bring the body back to a state of comfort.

    There is another occasion when INFLAMMATION is inevitable and unavoidable: following surgical procedures. As the body is programmed for survival and the body uses INFLAMMATION to send healing to an area, to slow U down, to get Ur attention (and I mean the brains attention) you will be dealing with heightened INFLAMMATION through the first 6 weeks, lessened INFLAMMATION for the first 6 months and not be totally 'back' until the actual anniversary of 1 year following a surgical procedure.

    In 6 weeks U have shed a whole body of cells and new cells are in place, so those cells filled with INFLAMMATION are gone, that is the first round. U will feel so much better at this point, the constant pain is gone, U may think that Ur back to normal, but BEWARE the INFLAMMATION is not done, the deep healing has not taken place. Do Not push Ur body into collapse at this point.

    After 6 months U will feel so very much better that U might forget what U went through until someone asks how Ur feeling with those puppy dog eyes. Well, U might have Ur strength back, Ur muscles are responding to physical therapy and U have much more stamina. Ur immune system is less prone to infection.

    After 12 months U will probably get back as much mobility as Ur body is capable of, Ur immune system is no longer compromised and U will be back to Ur new old self. More aware of Ur health as a blessing, more aware of who is really going to be there for U when U need them, (shout out to my family) and maybe so adjusted to Ur new looks after optional surgery that U (and U hope no one else) remembers that b4 nose or facelift.

    In any case, I'm featuring anti-inflammtion foods for the April Dinner Party, the featured recipe of the month is Turmeric Potatoes with Garbanzo Beans. This is one of my all time favorites, and this is one of the rare potato dishes without salt that is delicious if using any of the HERBLENDS, Heroccan has turmeric in it but any of the Herblends work with this versatile recipe and change the flavor completely. I will be making it today with fresh Turmeric Root for my dear friend Karen who had back surgery last week, and on Sunday I'll be making it for my Goddess Group. HERBLENDS Order Here

    There is also a quick list of foods and spices and herbs in the baby blog on the website, because gardening brings out the inflammation in all of us, because that is what U will be doing when Ur done dealing with the snow and rain and earthquakes.

    Elaine Good
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