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    Cow’s milk is rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin K, calcium and proteins. Cow’s milk is high in iodine and can help prevent gout and improves thyroid function. The presence of calcium in Cow’s milk strengthens bones and potassium and helps to regulate blood pressure.

    That said, nutritionists recommend taking one or two of varieties of milk daily for a balanced diet is a good way to go. Consuming only cow milk is unbalanced and I personally believe that we aren’t meant to cross-species-nurse at all, and we're certainly not made to drink milk all of our life. But I am allergic to milk so that fact is absolutely true for me.

    Here are some brief descriptions of the ‘other milks’ for your consideration,

    Vegan Milk Choices:

    Coconut Milk contains more calcium than traditional cow milk and is an excellent source of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and Vitamin C . It is high in mineral content including: selenium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and a balance of potassium and sodium.  Rich in fiber and proteins coconut milk boosts the immune system and prevents gall bladder stones, prevents liver disorder, improves digestion, prevents inflammation, prevents skin disorders and helps for weight loss

    Soy Milk is also a good choice for vegans as well as people intolerant to dairy and it is a good food source of probiotics. It does contain plant-based estrogen, which I consider a bonus for women as it can help prevent postmenopausal disorders. Soymilk consists of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, essential minerals, fiber, proteins, and vitamins, which raises HDL cholesterol and helps to lose weight. Soymilk strengthens blood vessels, prevents osteoporosis, and prevents cancer of prostate.

    Almonds Milk is great alternative for vegans or soy sensitive people like coconut milk and it is rich in monounsaturated fats, copper, manganese, magnesium, Vitamin E, riboflavin and is lower in calories than cow’s milk. Almond milk works well in baking and can be a great energy source and helpful in reducing heart and cardiovascular disorders.

    Rice Milk is a great choice for people who have sensitivity to nuts. Rice milk is prepared with milled rice and water. Rice milk contains carbohydrates, zero saturated fats, zero cholesterol, and zero proteins. Rice milk does not produce any allergic symptoms.

    Cardamom is enriched with potassium, riboflavin, Vitamin C, niacin, calcium, and magnesium. Cardamom has carminative (a nice way to say relieves gas), antiseptic, stimulant, diuretic (eliminates water weight, which is high with allergies), expectorant (relieves coughing) and digestive properties.

    Cardamom is great added to any of the heated alternative milk choices in place of coffee, tea or chocolate milk. 

    Let me think about this for a minute; is anything better than Chocolate Milk? Dark Cocoa Powder (dissolved in a little hot water), vanilla and a  little natural sweetener, maybe a little bit of cinnamon or cayenne pepper for an adult touch of heat added to Coconut milk or Almond Milk make GREAT hot chocolate or chocolate milk. I’ll leave it at that. Going into the kitchen for some of the chocolate right now! 

    Marshmallows Recipe        

    Hot Chocolate Recipe

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    Can almond milk be heated for servicing with coffee or hot cereal?


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    OK Melinda here is the truth about Almond Milk:
    Almond milk is great heated and holds up without curdling or skimming, unlike cow's milk. 
    Almond milk is great in coffee. 
    Almond milk is a great component to hot chocolate. 
    I use it in baking when I think it's slightly nutty flavor will add to the flavor profile, I make a coconut and almond cake that it's brilliant in, the recipe uses coconut flour and almond meal.
    In case you haven't heard it's loaded with nutrients and oil that feeds your brain and lowers cholesterol.
    Almonds are considered to be antioxidant and cancer fighters and they're good for your skin.
    I have friends who have made almond milk themselves and said it was a whole lot better than store bought, but what isn't better homemade? They raved so much that I have considered doing it myself, as soon as I have the time....I believe it's a one or two day process, I'll keep you posted.

    Elaine Good

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