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About good to eat for you

We are not about what U can't eat;
are about what we eat is Only the Good Stuff!

When you make our recipes expect people to be impressed, and then surprised if you choose to tell them that what they've just eaten had no gluten, diary or sugar and even low if any added sodium. is a community website for people who want to eat delicious whole food that is quick and easy to make.

Our absolutely delicious 'California Fusion' combines ethnic and organic ingredients to create foods that are beautiful to look at, fulfilling and most of all healthful. Our recipes are special enough for company and "shhhhhhh if you don't tell, no one will know" that they contain no gluten, dairy products or refined sugar and as little
salt as possible.

Videos of our teen TnT Chefs making our recipes for the first time will show you how to make our food. These videos include their fears and failures and successful outcomes. good2eat4U video recipes demonstrate simple techniques, and seasonal organic ingredients that even young children can follow with a dynamic outcome.

Our philosophy is that part of current major health issues including:
Obesity, ADHD, Autism, Colic, Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Diabetes, IBS, Leaking Gut, MS, and Celiac Disease have been linked to the over-consumption of gluten, dairy, salt and sugar.

Our membership site offers recipes that do not use expensive gluten-free packaged and processed foods
that don't necessarily offer positive results. Our recipes are 
guaranteed to be undetectable as anything but delicious.

Gluten free foods

American Fusion Recipes
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About Elaine Good

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 "'When I tell people that I cook without gluten, dairy products or sugar 'What's left?' is what everyone, even fellow chefs say to me, 'a world of plenty of deliciousness' is my response."

Elaine Good is the Cook-E behind the camera and the recipes. Elaine was born allergic to dairy and discovered her hypoglycemia (sugar-comas) shortly after her citrus, corn allergy diagnosis and before her gluten allergy was discovered. After 15 years as a vegan and 10 years as a macrobiotic (steamed veggies, brown rice and beans), she found that she was no longer invited to dinner parties. In an era when soy milk was considered weird, "Well, what CAN you eat?" was just as exasperating for her as the hostess inquiring. It's now being proven that the diet she loves is the healthiest way to eat.

Born an Italian-American with grandparents and parents that had organic gardens, Elaine has a passion for food that drove her to first develop creative approaches to classic recipes and to go beyond the classics for foods that fit into a modern lifestyle. As an organic chef at a market research facility, Elaine cooks for marketing and advertising executives for Fortune 500 companies.

Elaine is also a personal chef and has fed Bradley Cooper ("The Hangover") to pump up as well as drop pounds quickly and maintain a consistent weight during months of filming. To quote Bradley. "Every meal is like Christmas morning, I can't wait to see what she's come up with."

Elaine found that there are more and more people with similar sensitivities to her own. The market place for substitutes has expanded beyond her wildest dreams and she has tried them all.
Her creativity continues to be inspired at local organic farmer's markets.

Elaine has been called 'a natural and true gourmet,' 'an alchemist,' 'an artist' and best of all 'the ultimate Italian Grandmother in the kitchen' by her clients.

In Summer 2014 Elaine's first cookbook was released: Let's Play With Food-Celebrate the Seasons is available on Amazon, LuLu Publishing, ibooks and Here: Let's Play With Food

HERBLENDS was released in 2015, Elaine's signature powdered seasonings do not include salt or sugar added fillers or colors and are the perfect blend of ethnic flavor profiles. ALL ABOUT HERBLENDS

Elaine offers live-stream cooking lessons world wide and is available in the Los Angeles area for workshops, farmer's market field trips and cooking-lesson dinner parties. Workshops And is available through Cozymeals:Chef Elaine Good

  About Tasha


Tasha, the First T in TnT Chefs. Well, she and Elaine bonded over Chinese chicken salad on Sunset Plaza when they were both wearing silver glitter shoes. Tasha was 6 months old. They have shared many wonderful meals and holidays together, as Elaine and her mom are good friends.

Tasha started her culinary creative exploration at a very young age, inspired by the Food Network she began doing some fancy things on holidays and Elaine took notice. She has long had a dream of teaching young children and brought her game and her good friend Tessa to good2eat4U.

Tasha is our rock, she is a straight A student, our qualified Can-D and we push her into Cook-E whenever needed. "Let's Git Cook'n" Tasha.

  About Tessa


Tessa (also the first T in TnT Chefs), which they named themselves, by the way. Tessa and Tasha met at Middle School and went on to go to LA County High School for the Arts. Tasha and Tessa are students of dance and both are capable of majoring in Drama, well major drama anyway.

Tessa is our New-B chef. She came to us having made cold cereal as her resume. Her fear is completely overpowered by her enthusiasm. She also has a passion for little known food facts. Uhuh, it's true we didn't know that Tessa.

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