1. Their name as you'd like it to appear on their gift certificate and cookbook
  2. Your name as you'd like it to appear on their gift certificate and cookbook
  3. Your email and phone number.
  4. If you'll be paying through Pay Pal or Square
  5. Their email and phone number.
  6. Any special message you'd like on the certificate (example: 'Happy Anniversary' 'For You, but we know
  7. it's really for both of us.'
  8. You will both be notified of the confirmation of the workshop dates and details.


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You can give a life changing gift:
a gift of the joy of eating foods that delivers
strength, stamina and mental focus.

Your generous gift will include a good2eat4U
website membership for one year.

In addition your recipient will receive monthly newsletters
that might include new product development, 
maybe a little food history and a funny food story.

Membership is also included as a gift of one or a series 
of good2eat4U workshops local to LA or Live Stream
into their kitchen.(requires a computer with a camera)

email request for gift certificate here   see details on left-side column

Include: For Membership Only $25,unlocks the whole site.
Workshop selection, amount for the number of participants.
Workshop certificate includes membership to the site.

Thank you so very much.

Workshops (Series $10. discount) include all access Membership
Foodie Field Trips
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