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Let's Play With Food


Let's Play With Food - for 2-6 year olds:  Teaching children to cook and developing their pallet to real foods develops a pattern of healthy choices for the rest of their lives. Part cookbook, storybook and art project Let's Play With Food engages children and an adult to make creative colorful and balanced plates of food. This takes the fussy eater into the kitchen and distracts them from the challenge of eating. Each recipe suggests story telling and encourages nibbling.

No Kidding E-Cookbook Access

No Kidding is for those that have physical demands beyond the ordinary: 
teens, athletes, construction workers, etc. that need fuel for strength, 
stamina and mental focus.

Functional foods supply the best energy to accommodate great physical 
and mental demands of getting a job well done.
Higher calories to build and rejuvenate cells in muscles 
and energy when needed.

Table of Contents: Light Dinners (for Hot Nights)

Light Dinners (for Hot Nights) E-Cookbook


Light Dinners For Hot Nights because a romantic dinner shouldn't
put you to sleep and feeling heavy and a pot belly isn't sexy.
For beginners or good cooks to impress or show off with obvious 

Light Dinners For Hot Nights are menus for dinner for two with some 
suggestions for getting kid friendly recipes on the table with more 
adult flavor profiles being added on, after the kids go to bed.


     HERBLENDS - Fusions of Ethnic Flavors

        Herspanic Meroccan Hertaliana



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