Grains are quick energy and I think of them as natures vacuum cleaner.
Good whole grains get into your digestive system and rub up into all the
little nooks and crannies and clean it.

One of the reasons that grains are used to break a fast (breakfast food) or 
help you feel better when you're sick is it's safe, few people are allergic, 
and grains are in every culture.

Ancient Grains and Flours
Whole grains, non-GMO and biodiversity, natural, 
organic, high fiber, and high protein make these 
a healthier choice than wheat flours that are fortified or enriched.

Ancient Grain Flours 
I have added links to purchase some hard to find flours on-line for your 
Some are in supermarkets, the dried grains can be milled in a blender 
or food processor.

These wheat substitutes are less processed and offer 
nutrients and fiber that are healthier: choose organic
when available.

All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Buy Gluten Free All Purpose Flour

This is Bob's Blend, a great combination of healthy alternatives to over processed wheat flour. Use it Cup 4 Cup in baking and frying.

This is an amazing flour for texture and protein. Great for baking, Almond Flour Chocolate Chip CookiesI also use this flour for dredging foods that I would like to have a crisp crust: Chicken nuggets; Buffalo Cauliflower Wings Buffalo Cauliflowings; Over cooked vegetables in place of bread crumbs, like green beans. I also mix this with Herblends Hertaliana for a replacement for cheese, it's a natural for gazpacho Gazpacho with Herspanic Herblends; Chicken and Heroccan Herblends.

 Amaranth Flour          Buy Amaranth Flour

Used by the Aztecs and with a 13-14% protein content is higher than most other grains. This has a peppery flavor and is high in the amino acid lysine, which is good for your nerves and will tame cold sores. Amaranth can be found in cereals, snacks, energy and granola bars, breads ad buns, crackers and biscotti, frozen appetizers and Hors oeuvres, chips, pretzels and snacks, frozen dinners, pancakes, waffles and French toast and crepes, energy protein and muscle recovery drinks and added to processed meats.

Brown Rice Flour        Buy Brown Rice Flour

This flour is light and I sometimes use it to lighten up a heavier flour like amaranth or almond by adding 1/3 of the measurement. Also, great for dredging protein, including tofu, in the first or final step.

Buckwheat:         Buy Buckwheat Flour

High in zinc, copper and potassium, buckwheat has a nutty flavor and is high in fiber. Great in pancakes , cereals, bars. Just check the label that it isn’t being combined with wheat flour-cause this is a grass and is gluten-free. You can find buckwheat in cereals, snacks, energy and granola bars, breads and buns, chips, pretzels, frozen dinners, cookies and biscuits, crackers and biscotti, pancakes, waffles, French toast and crepes, energy, protein and muscle recovery drinks and added to other grains and seeds.

Chia:   Buy Chia Seeds

Rich in protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Is also a rare vegan source of omega-3 fatty acids. Great on yogurt or as hot cereal and snack bars, you can use the seeds in one of my Power Ball recipes Mac Daddy Power Balls. Chis seeds and flours can be found in energy and granola bars and other snacks, cereals, chips, pretzels, energy, protein and muscle recovery drinks, baby food, breads and buns, yogurt, meal replacement supplements and added to other grains and flours.

Coconut Flour Buy Coconut Flour

This flour is moist and dense. I have several baking recipes that I use this for: dense cakes and cookies. Banana Chocolate Mini's

Millet:                     Buy Udi's Millet and Chia Seed Bread

This African grain is rich in protein and magnesium. I use this in place of couscous because it has little round balls, so I cook it in chicken stock or veg stock and add dried fruit and nuts (raisins and almonds, apricots and pine nuts to name a few). I also toast it in a fry pan with a little toasted sesame oil, then add the liquid, cover it and simmer for 15 minutes for a crunchy toasty grain. Ratio 1 Cup grain to 2 Cups liquid. Products that include millet include: breads and buns, crackers and biscotti, cereal, pancake, waffles, French toast and crepes, cookies and biscuits, chips, pretzels and snacks, milk, energy and snack bars.

Quinoa: Kaniwa (also known as baby quinoa), Buy Quinoa     Buy Quinoa Pasta     Buy Quinoa Spaghetti

Quinoa Is actually a seed that is high in protein (14%) and potassium. White quinoa has a creamy buttery flavor, the red is nutty and the black has more of an earthy flavor. Quinoa has a huge gluten free market share that includes: cereal, snack and energy and granola bars, chips, pretzels and snacks, breads and buns, crackers and biscotti, baby food, pasta, frozen appetizers and hors D’oeuvres as well as being added to other grains and seeds.


Popular in Indian cuisine as flour or a side dish and can be popped like baby popcorn. High in iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc and a good source of B Vitamins (especially for vegans and vegetarians). Products made from sorghum include breads and buns, cereal, cakes, bread, muffin, cookies and cupcake mixes, cookies and biscuits, alcohol, energy and snack bars.


the grain used in making Enjura, Ethiopian spongy bread- gluten-free and high in iron, protein, calcium and resistant starch and an excellent source of Vitamin C (unusual for grain) can be made into polenta or porridge, used in baked goods. Teff is used in breads and buns, frozen appetizers and Hors D’oeuvres, Mexican dinner mixes and seasonings, frozen dinners, chips, pretzels and snacks, baby food, bread and muffin mixes, cakes, cupcakes, snack cakes, crackers and biscotti, flours and corn meal.

Wild rice:   Buy Wild Rice      Buy Wild Rice in Microwave Pouch

There are many varieties of wild rice, and there are great blends that include wild rice. Nuttier than it’s over-processed cousin, higher in fiber and more filling and even beautiful in black, brown, red and green hued varieties.


Ancient grains that contain gluten:

Barley: Light and fluffy barley is used in English Island and German dishes, mostly stews and soups, as it tends to add thickening, which tells me it is very high in gluten.

Einkorn (high in protein), high in protein, used in pasta, cookies and biscuits, flours and corn meal and added to other flours. This is a gluten product.

Farro: Used in Italian foods is chewy with a nutty flavor, this is a wheat product that I’ve had it served to me in high end Italian restaurants as gluten-free, which it is NOT. Used in cereals, bread, buns, crackers, biscotti, pasta, yogurt, snacks, canned soup, croissants, rolls, muffins and pastries, frozen dinners and milk.

Freekeh: Wheat harvested while still green, high in protein, fiber and starch. Used in cereals, frozen appetizers and Hors Oeuvres and meals, breads and biscuits and buns, cakes, cookies, granola bars, canned soups and mixes.

Kamut: Khorasan wheat is brand named Kamut has a buttery flavor and is used in cereals, breads, snacks and baby foods. Added to other grains and seeds, frozen dinners and flavored rice dishes.

Spelt:    Buy Spelt Flour

This high protein wheat is used in bagels, tortillas, noodles, and breads. Higher than regular wheat in protein, magnesium and manganese, B3, insoluble fiber, this is wheat that contains gluten. If your choice in using gluten-free is for more healthy choices, this will give you good cooking results as long as your don't have a sensitivity to gluten. Look for this on labels of cereals, breads and buns, cereal, cakes, bread, muffin, cookies and cupcake mixes, cookies and biscuits, alcohol, energy and snack bars.

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