Potato Latkes - 190 Calories - Yellow Vegetable, Vegan

Cook-E      These are the absolutely best potato latkes, and they're gluten and dairy free.
Serve them with apple sauce or sour cream on the side.
This is a traditional Hanakah side dish and these will steal the show~

10 servings; for parties of 50 multiply by 6 and give yourself 4 hours


4 pounds Russet Potatoes
2 medium Onions
1 TBS Lemon Juice
1 Cup Chopped Scallions
4 Large Eggs, beaten
to taste Salt and Pepper
Grape Seed - Olive Oil Blend  


Prep: 1:30 

- Vegetable Peeler

- 2 Large Bowls

- Cutting Board

- Chef's Knife

- Brown Paper Bag

- Parchment Paper

- Food Processor or Box Grater

- Baking Sheet Pan

- Fry Pan

- Thermometer


1. Put the onion in the freezer. Peel the potatoes and keep them submerged in cold water.

2. Grate ⅔ or the potatoes on a box grater or with the grater attachment of your food processor.
Set aside in a very large bowl.

3. Chop up the remaining ½ of the potatoes and the onions with the bottom blade of your food processor, 20 pulses.

4. Place a handful of the potatoes and onions in the center of a thin cotton tea towel or 5 layers of cheese cloth and squeeze the liquid out over a bowl, I have found putting the bowl in t sink is the easiest position to give my bicepts a workout.

Repeat until all the potatoes have been squeezed. RESERVE THE LIQUID.

5. Toss the juice of one large lemon into the potatoes and onions.
Place the squeezed potato in a large bowl and cover with the wet towel you used to squeeze them.
They can be put into the refrigerator until ready to fry at this stage, leave the water bowl out.

6.Ready to fry: Pour enough oil in the pan to be 2 inches deep, a high burning point oil is best: olive oil (not extra virgin) can be combined with grape seed oil or vegetable oil in a 2-1 ratio (twice as much high burning point oil to half olive oil) to boost the temperature and maintain the olive oil flavor.

7. Add the diced scallions, the eggs, salt and pepper to the potatoes.

8.Here's the secret trick: Drain the water out of the squeezed potato liquid but scrape the potato starch that has settled on the bottom of the bowl and add that to the potatoes.

9. The can be spread out on parchment paper, placed in an airtight container and frozen to be fried later at this point.

10. When the oil has reached 325ºF you can make a huge pancake the size of the pan or put small handfuls of the potatoes into the oil. It is imperative to keep the oil hot, so the second pile of potatoes on the opposite side of the pan in a minute, then add the third 2 minutes later, flip them over when golden, then add a fourth and fifth little pile.

11. I look for the outside edges to get golden and the potatoes to turn grey before I flip them and I use a slotted flat round spatula to flip them.

12. Place them on brown paper bags or parchment paper laid out over sheet pans - do not over lap them.

Serve immediately or if making them hours before serving them: place them on parchment paper in a 350ºF oven to reheat them.

For parties of 50 multiply the ingredients by 6 and use 3 fry pans (electric work best) for 2 hours prep and 4 hours (doing nothing else) fry time.

• Mold: 45 Minutes
• Fry: 45 Minutes

(10 servings)

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What are the questions that you are most asked about your work and what is your answer?

It is always my gluten, dairy and sugar free food that brings the client into the kitchen holding their plate and pointing to these allergy friendly dishes, followed by the question: 'What is in THIS one?'  'How did you make this?'

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If you were a customer what do you wish you knew about the job? Any inside tips?

I have so many Chef Tips (I've been cooking for 50 years) that I pepper them throughout my workshops and dinner parties, everything from: how to measure ingredients in your hands to how to spot GMO altered foods.

Do you have a favorite story from work?

When I started cooking for Bradley Cooper his assistant kept calling because Bradley was sure that I had sent the wrong menu,  that he has received food that was off his diet. I had to assure him that the meal was indeed gluten-dairy-sugar free. They called back an hour later, word from the set: "Bradley told me to tell you that was the best blah-blah (Eggplant Parmesan, Lasagna, Fried Fish, Pie, etc.)  he has ever eaten in his life."

What do you wish people knew about your profession?

People can be impressed with quick cutting skills which are learned standing at a cutting board as a sous chef, cutting carrots or onions for years. Those types of cutting skills are not an indication of a great cook. Restaurant Chefs have a huge staff of workers and dishwashers behind them, their work is based on profit and a menu that is stagnant on dinners that fill up on cheap bread, fried food and sauces. 

TV Chefs toss items into a dish that always comes out perfect-I especially love competition shows where no one at home can taste or smell the food, I've seen things that I KNOW taste bad win. These shows also have a huge support team prepping for them. These shows teach what I consider to be everything that is wrong with the modern diet, they have 'stars' that are personalities that have made a career out of fat, salt and sugar addictions. I focus on healthy food takes planning and knowledge to create a balanced meal.

The home cook is looking for nutritional fulfillment that will be well received from a range of ages and taste preferences, family members and friends that will be very willing to express critique or refuse to eat. Two completely different worlds, I'm in both and have the most respect for the successful home cook that is supporting a healthy family.

What advice do you give someone that wants to hire someone like you?

Look for someone with knowledge and experience that matches your dietary preference and needs; someone who is dependable and has great taste, along with a casual and fun personality.

How did you decide to get into your line of work?

Born allergic to dairy, love food and love to cook but I had to develop my Italian family recipes around the dairy! I became Macrobiotic, and became a great Japanese Vegan cook and pulled me away from my families basic ingredients. Diagnosed hypoglycemic, I gave up sugar and worked in low glycemic natural sweeteners to my American foods and balancing proteins with carbohydrates as a Vegan. Became gluten intolerant looked to cultures that weren't dependent on wheat or dairy: worked out Moroccan, Thai, Vietnamese to add to the Mediterranean classics.

A friend suggested I consult a local market research facility when the clients complainted about food delivery,  I was a foodie living in the neighborhood. On day three, after developing organic fruit and crudite plates, a client asked me to make a meal because she just 'couldn't read another Chinese take-out menu'. That one meal became a week of 3 meals a day and a Private Chef position for the Fortune 500 Companies that came to conduct focus groups. I1 years later, I am still called in to cook there.

Tell us about something you did on your job that you’re most proud of:

Taught a child with autism how to cook for himself.

Describe your most recent project:

I've just become an invited Immerss.com instructor, teaching live stream on-line from my kitchen to students. And I've been recruited/tested and tasted approved for CozyMeals Chef conducting cooking parties. Oh and I cooked on a yacht this summer.

If you have a complicated pricing system give us the details of how you charge:

My service includes food costs, shopping, delivery and equipment set up and cleaning.

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How to balance daily nutritional requirements and calories is also involved in the hours it takes for me to balance organic seasonal ingredients with the participants.

What should buyers consider before they hire you?                    

How expensive eating out every meal is, including tax and tips. How much food waste are they throwing out. If they've ignored a food sensitivity because they thought it was inconvenient to change their eating habits, why is their health taking a back seat to 'convenience'?

How they associate their health with their responsibility for the food that supplies their energy.

Write your own question and answer it:

Why should I cook my own food?

How much you love yourself is reflected in how you care for your body. If you're depending on restaurant food for good health you are sadly misguided.

How experienced am I in home cooking?

Home Cooked Food is fresh food that fulfills the demand of offering nutritional consumption of delicious food that is enjoyable to eat and will take care of your body and brain's demands.

Unlike restaurant food and chefs where all the focus is on speed, large volume and profit, my career started at age 4 making pasta and desserts next to my grandmother and moved into my taking over the family meals for 5 kids and gourmet adults at age 14 at my request (partially to get away from the dairy that my mother just couldn't cook around).

I have worked in professional kitchens in country clubs and for celebrity events, where frozen and packaged foods are the norm and piece meal is the law. This has absolutely nothing to do with home cooking.

What is your greatest strength?

Inspiration, good taste and a sharp sense of knives (and humor).

What are you currently working on improving?

I am constantly developing new recipes for my website and cookbooks.

Describe 5 recent jobs you’ve just completed.

1. A first anniversary dinner party for a couple began with them learning to cook a Moroccan Feast, dinner was timed around a sun set, champagne cocktail with a nibble. Her family is in the date business so dates were included in each coarse (not a dating service, the date business-I am in Southern California, BTW if you have never had fresh dates (not dried) you are missing an amazing culinary experience).

2. I developed healthy and portable snacks for a personal trainer.

3. A mother and daughter addressed their eating styles while learning to make meals together and yet on separate diet choices, with leftovers that become entirely new meals.

4. Mother and daughter with issues that some would describe as an eating disorder, separated their eating styles and got things in order.

5. Crohn's Disease patient couldn't stand up without support when we started, in 30 days her coloring and strength improved dramatically following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, in 6 weeks she carried my cases and equipment into her class for me!

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